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All about AbroShops

Since our inception in 2012, Abroshops.com by far the fastest, reliable and most secured means of shopping from the UK. Abroshops is rapidly expanding it's full-service, personalized shopping & home delivery company in Ghana.

Our continuously growing company offers you a convenient, time-saving alternative to one of Ghana's top shopping problems which is - OVER SEAS SHOPPING! When considering a shopping and delivery service provider, compare just some of the many benefits of placing your shopping list and delivery order through Abroshops.com

Save Time!

Our purpose is to eliminate all the countless hours you spend shopping and the means to transport them from abroad to your door step. Now you can spend your time doing the things you really enjoy. In just minutes you can place your delivery order online and Abroshops.com will have your products delivered right From The Store....To Your Door!

Save Money!

By using the Abroshops.com shopping and delivery service, you can avoid impulse shopping and unwanted trips to shops and convenience stores. There are absolutely no mark-ups on your actual item items. You simply pay the same amount that the store of your choice charges for the item you order, plus Our modest shopping and delivery charge.

Quality, Value and Prompt Delivery!

At Abroshops.com we are aware of how important it is that your iteam is of the highest quality. We guarantee that each iteam delivery order is handled by someone from our team of shoppers who understand the meaning of quality and value. They will purchase each item from the original stores keeping in mind your highest standards, just as if they were shopping for themselves.

When you have your products delivered by Abroshops.com we make sure the products you order comes directly from the store of your choice to your door step, without any unnecessary delays.


No more waiting for people at airports to recieve your shopping items, no more waiting for shipping containers. Place your shopping list and delivery order online.

Enjoy Freedom of Choice!

While most other delivery services limit your choice by only allowing you to shop though their warehouse selection or from just listed stores. Our network of Abroshops.com branch locations allow you to choose which UK store that your products come from. By giving you freedom of choice, you are sure to get the particular brands that you are already used to without any unsuspected surprises.

Guaranteed Service!

Our Guarantee to you ensures our success as a whole. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our service, let us know and we will do what ever we can to make it right for you.

*MTN Mobile Money Payment Option only.