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Order now

How do I start shopping on Abroshop?

  • First click on any of our recommended shop links on our website or you can visit any UK shop of your choice online.
  • Browse through thier products and select an item of your choice.
  • Copy the exact item code/ item number of the chosen product. (*Be sure to copy the right code).
  • Come back to Abroshops.com and click on the "Order Now" button to begin the order process.
  • Select Name of Mechant (e.g. TOPMAN, Zara).
  • Enter product description (It should include the type of product. Eg. Poplin shirt with tab collar, colour: white, size: S/M/L/XL, etc.)
  • Enter product code (As stated on merchant's site. Eg. "83B24DWHT" or "4974/306").
  • Enter the exact price as indicated on the merchant site(Merchant price of item without the £ sign; please make sure the currency is in GBP "£").
  • You can add more items as needed(optinal)
  • Proceed to the next step
  • Confirm charges and proceed to final step
  • Enter personal details to complete order.
  • You will receive an sms on your phone providing you with the invoice number and the amount to be paid through any MTN Mobile Money merchant or using your MTN Mobile wallet

On the Phone

  1. Go to MobileMoney
  2. Go to Pay Bill
  3. Select General Payment
  4. Under Payment code, enter the following: INV (one space) and invoice number e.g. INV 200026784 (9 digit)
  5. Enter your MM PIN
  6. Verify the amount for the code on the screen (phone)
  7. Click Pay now
  8. Enter a suitable Reference (eg. A. Brown)
  9. Enter amount
  10. Confirm payment details
  11. Enter your MM PIN

You will receive an sms as confirmation for a successful Payment